Your Questions Answered

eLife is a nonprofit community where people come together to reach further and live better—united by shared values and common interests. Here, you can meet new people and enrich your friendships with current friends and family members as you explore your interests and improve your local community. We call it fun with purpose. It's the spirit of eLife.

What makes our activities so fun? We believe it's the combination of shared values, trained volunteer Hosts, nonprofit partnerships, quality activities, financial accountability, and more variety.

There's nothing quite like connecting with your eLife friends. To learn more, read on.

Q.How do I connect with my eLife friends?

A.Your first step is to join the eLife community. Once you do, eLife automatically creates a personalized calendar of activities for you. Just RSVP and start having fun!

Q.Does it cost to join the eLife Community?

A.eLife is a nonprofit organization. When you sign up for your first activity, you will be requested to make a voluntary $12 tax-deductible donation. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, no problem, just let us know. Each year on your eLife anniversary date, you will have the opportunity to renew your support with a $12 donation.

Q.Who is in charge of eLife activities?

A.Each activity is hosted by at least two volunteer eLife Hosts, trained volunteers who desire to share what they love to do with others like you.

Q.What makes eLife Hosts different?

A.eLife Hosts are capable, accountable leaders who receive training and ongoing administrative support from eLife. Unlike some networking groups, in eLife, Hosts do not benefit financially. eLife Hosts believe true friendship shouldn’t cost.

Q.Can I become an eLife Host?

A.Sure! In fact, eLife friends are encouraged to share what they love to do by becoming eLife Hosts. And because in eLife we believe in a team approach, you’ll have plenty of support, including the help of your CoHost and the Host Administrator.

Q.As an eLife friend, how do I have fun with purpose?

A.Many nonprofits—such as the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association—turn to eLife because of our friendly, organized, and reliable volunteers. eLife Teams also improve their communities by adopting nonprofit organizations. eLife encourages you to take advantage of these opportunities as your schedule permits.

Q.What is the purpose of an eLife Team?

A.You’re welcome at any activity on your My eLife Calendar. However, you may choose to reach further and live better by joining an eLife team since we can accomplish more when we come together with common objectives. In addition to supporting nonprofits, teams offer purpose-driven fun and opportunities to forge deep connections and lifelong friendships.

Q.If I have multiple interests, do I need to join more than once?

A.Many networking organizations require multiple registrations if you have more than one interest. Not in eLife! Join the eLife community of friends once and use My eLife Calendar to explore all your interests—current ones as well as those yet to be discovered!

Q.What should I expect from an eLife activity?

A.The eLife organization has over a decade of experience in helping eLife Hosts create quality experiences. Because 99% of the posted activities take place exactly as described, you spend more time having fun and less time dealing with last-minute cancellations and awkward surprises.

Q.What makes eLife activities so inviting?

A.eLife activities are friendly, comfortable, and inclusive because they are based on our core values: Courage, Hope, Respect, Integrity, Service and Trust. eLife friends unite through this foundation of shared values and common interests.

Q.How are financial transactions handled?

A.All Host reimbursements are professionally accounted for through eLife Adventure and processed through our third-party partner, PayPal, so that no one else has access to your financial information.

Q.If I use cash only and do not have a credit card or bank account, can I still participate in the eLife community?

A.Yes, because we process all financial transactions through our partner PayPal, you can pick up a Paypal MoneyPak where gift cards are sold. Read all about Paypal MoneyPak and how convenient it is to use.

Q.What happens to the money raised for charity?

A.All charitable donations are securely held in trust by our 501c3 nonprofit organization and then dispersed to the appropriate charities.