We're a nonprofit community of friends united by shared values and fun with purpose. From adventure sports to book discussions, we come together based on common interests and a desire to make our communities better places to live, work, and play.
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annual donation suggestion $12

eLife teams and their nonprofit friends

friends and family building community through common interest to accomplish greater purpose


Annual Donation Suggestion

eLife Adventure is a nonprofit organization supported by donations. eLife volunteer Hosts are not paid staff and are never financially compensated for their gift of time.

There is no donation request when joining the eLife community.

However, when you sign up for your first activity, eLife will request a $12 donation. If you cannot afford a donation or do not feel comfortable making one, simply select "No, thanks".

So what are you waiting for?

Anywhere, USA

An eLife team can prosper anywhere within the USA. eLife's unique software allows teams to form anywhere based on the Team Coach address.

Adopt a non-profit

Non-profit organizations are the bedrock to communities and they need support to further their charitable causes.

With that foundational understanding, each eLife team can adopt a nonprofit organization with the intent of growing the relationship into a mutual benefiting friendship where eLife team players & fans rally to serve others by donating time, resources and a helping hand.

How FB & eLife unite

Once an eLife team is certified by eLife Adventure, a Facebook page will be created for that team. Facebook pages are the property of eLife Adventure and are managed by the Team through their FB coordinators.

Facebook pages are designed to tell the teams story through pictures, posts and announcements to their city and beyond.

Reaching outward, embracing life and supporting volunteer eLife Hosts is what eLife teams do best.